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Poker Stars, undoubtedly one of the biggest online gambling and gaming websites, entrusted us with the task of increasing their authority, so that they can appear higher for search terms that their site is relevant for.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%
Return on Investment of 272%
Social shares by network


To increase website's authority within the industry, and improve organic visibility.


Our action plan was to simply acquire links from the most trustworthy and authoritative websites through providing them with fantastic material and resources for their readers. With our acquisition of each referral, Poker Stars' authority increased more and more, allowing to gain higher and higher altitudes in ranking.


Poker Stars saw a 500% increase in visibility in the first 4 months, and as a result, organic traffic (excluding branded) tripled. This caused a snowball effect with their investment in our work.

500% + Visibility

280% More Enquiries

3x More Traffic

From The Client

“GoVisible seemed very confident that they would deliver amazing referrals from within our industry, and with my experience, I know how reluctant a lot of websites are about affiliating with online gambling websites, so I was hesitant to say the least, as it's one thing to be confident in your service, but another thing entirely to deliver; and boy did these guys deliver. Something we rarely get these days unfortunately.”

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