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Building an Effective Squeeze Page

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A squeeze page is a landing page that is designed for two purposes: one, to give visitors to your site something of value – whether a newsletter, written content, videos, or other downloads – and, two, to get their email addresses in exchange. Squeeze pages, capture pages, lead capture pages…whatever the name, their intent is to help you generate quality leads. Now, how do you generate those squeeze pages?

Before you start, though, here are a few best practices to think about when you’re crafting your squeeze page:

  • Be very selective in what information you solicit. Some forms require emails, names, name of first pet, favorite actor in a dramatic performance…it goes on and on. This creates a very high bounce rate. In general, the fewer the fields, the better. A caveat to that though: if you ask for more (but only what you need), you can get higher quality leads. It might be worth it, but you have to consider your goals and what a “high quality” lead is.
  • Make sure it is very clean and simple and that you audience knows what you want it to do. What are they signing up for? Why? What’s the value to them?
  • Include a benefit-driven headline.
  • Provide a clear value.
  • Craft a privacy policy to allay people’s fears that you will use their email address to spam them mercilessly or sell it to marketers so they can do the same.
  • Select a few (real) testimonials to persuade readers of your value.

Ok; onto building them. There are a few different ways to do this:

  1. Design it yourself. This is the hard option, and it involves code! This is extremely time-consuming and difficult for non-developers. If you want to try, you can find tutorials on YouTube to guide you through it.
  2. Use a free or paid software program or template. There are sites like SqueezePageCreator that are completely free. While this is great for sites with small budgets, the templates can be generic. Another option is to find free or paid templates or to use plugins for your WordPress or Joomla platform. This has the benefit of being quick and easy – and costing much less than hiring a designer or taking 50 hours from your work to make you own! CashRevelations has over 150 free pages that have been screened for quality and ease of use.

If you don’t have an effective squeeze page, or any squeeze page, create your own today. This is a valuable CRO tool and one that can help you generate high quality leads.



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