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Remarketing allows you to show ads to people who have previously visited your website or used your mobile app. When a visitor (potential customer) leaves your website without buying anything or completing an enquiry form, for example, remarketing helps you reconnect with them. This is done by showing relevant ads to them as they browse the web, as they use mobile apps, or as they search on Google.

As you stroll along a bustling high street in London, you notice a product that captures your attention, but you decide not to purchase it. Imagine the same product appearing in a shop window down the street, reminding you of its allure. Digital high streets are a perfect example of PPC remarketing.

Why is it crucial for the UK market?

There is a vast and competitive digital landscape in the UK. You can easily lose your brand in the shuffle when your users are constantly bombarded with content. Through remarketing, your brand remains top-of-mind, enhancing brand recall and increasing conversions.

Moreover, UK consumers tend to make online purchases based on research. It is likely that they will visit a number of websites before making a decision. The use of PPC remarketing allows you to remain at the forefront of your potential customers’ consideration sets and tailor your message in order to assist them in making a decision.

Strategists refine their strategies

PPC remarketing is so effective because of its precision. The most effective way to reach potential customers is through retargeting based on previous interactions. Consider, for example, the case of a user abandoning their cart who discovers an advertisement offering a limited-time discount on the product they were considering. Using this personalised touch can significantly improve conversion rates.

Additionally, remarketing ads can enhance the appeal of brands operating in the UK by utilising local events, holidays, or even British humour.


Dynamic remarketing includes the products or services that people viewed on your website within the ads they are retargeted with. Dynamic remarketing requires additional technical steps such as adding custom parameters to your website’s tag and creating a feed. However, it can deliver much better results by delivering highly targeted ads to your potential customers.

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