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There are so many different aspects to good search engine optimisation, and several of them aren’t readily viewable to visitors. Sure, you can see some SEO efforts like the URL, headers, and keywords within the body text, but others aren’t quite as easy to see like site speed. That doesn’t, however, mean that they’re not just as important, and as a professional SEO agency, we’ll work to cover every aspect of SEO to meet your needs, including technical SEO.

Technical optimisation can best be seen through the source code of a site, and search engine bots look at it all of the time. We take a careful look at IP detection and redirection, your site speed, 301 and 302 redirects, HTTP headers, javascript, and Flash to make certain you’re getting the benefit of this aspect of SEO.

Wondering if you really need technical SEO help? Take a moment to explore some of the problems sites just like yours experience every day.

  • Imagine you have a site that redirects visitors based on their location. For example, a visitor from Leeds might land on your .uk site while a French visitor would land on your .fr site. This is a great way to increase your conversion rates, but for the search engines, it can be problematic. In fact, they may only ever see your .us site, which may damage your rankings.
  • Fast has been better for years, and search engines are finally taking that into account. If your site is slow to load, Google is going to notice it and could diminish your rankings as a result.
  • Maybe you’ve moved domains. Perhaps you need to redirect visitors for a bit while you perform maintenance. Search engines can look unkindly at both of these unless you’re properly using 301 and 302 redirects. Any other redirects should be off-limits, and if you improperly use them, you can expect to see them in your scores.
  • Using the wrong header codes? Users and search engines alike need solid header codes to see your pages, and if you haven’t properly optimised your site for this aspect, you could be overlooking an important aspect of your rankings.
  • Google doesn’t automatically crawl every section of your site. As a result, if you’re wasting Google’s time on pages you don’t care about, your score is going to reflect the problem. Good site architecture is the only way to avoid this.
  • If you’re placing valuable content in javascript or even content and links you want to hide from Google in javascript, you have a problem. Search engines regularly trip on javascript, and while they’re getting better at it all the time, putting the content on the page is an absolute must. We can help you use techniques that look just as good as javascript but aren’t quite as problematic.

Ignoring technical SEO concerns could be a real problem for your site. Let us help with an evaluation now. Contact us for more details.

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