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Facebook Fans Favorite Ads

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facebook ads

1) Video Ads:
Facebook users have really been enjoying video ads these days. Video ads are extremely engaging and allow the users to view the products more in depth. Videos ads include relevant information that helps to capture the targeted audience.

2)Photo Ads: Photos have been a Facebook fan favorite when it comes to advertising. Photos are informative and straight to the point. Successful photos ads include an eye catching image and call out that catches the users attention.

3)Multi-image Photo Ad: When companies offer multiple goods and services advertising numerous images in an ad can be appealing to the consumer. These are great for advertising holiday events and local events.

4)Local Ads: Local ads are successful when a business is looking to bring in a lot of foot traffic. These ads can be shown to people on Facebook in the area of the advertised business. It can be beneficial to post ads a few days prior to the event and posting advertisements at the time of the event. Posting ads during the event will be great for reaching those in the area at the time.

5) The retargeting ad: these are used to sell towards an specific audience of previously identified people. When people search certain items, the Internet can make note of that and ads pertaining to your searches seem to follow you. Facebook also has this feature. These ads can be helpful because they are targeted towards people who have already expressed interest in the product or service.

6)The Offer Ad: This is an advertisement method that allows businesses to offer deals that can be redeemed through Facebook. These ads include the most important details of the promotion including the time period the ad is usable, the number of people who have claimed the rewards already and the amount of the offer as well.

7)Event Ads: This a form of advertising that promotes specific events. This type of ad will attract a targeted group of people to your business’ event. A successful event ad will show the benefits of attending the event and other important details including; the time, date, and a direct link to purchase tickets.

8)The Boosted Ad: This is the type of ad that starts off as a regular Facebook post on a company’s page and is later boosted with advertising money. These ads allow you to include more in the description and also there is no limit on the work count.

9) The Multi-Product Ad: These ads let company’s showcase multiple products in one ad. Viewers have the opportunity to scroll through the images and click on each individual link. Using multiple products can appeal to many different audiences.

10)News Feed Ads: This is the most common of ads used on Facebook. They feature a large photo that grabs the readers attention. Businesses can also test the post text and the link description so company’s can better explain the offer. These ads usually perform very well and can also generate a lot of likes and comments.



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