Aegistra SEO Case Study

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Our Mission

Aegistra Ltd is a team of furniture professionals who have been designing and making bespoke furniture for discerning customers for more than 20 years. They came to us for help with their declining organic traffic.

Aegistra SEO Case Study

What We Did

Aehgistra's e-commerce website fortunately had many landing pages for products, categories, sub categories, information pages, etc. which were poorly populated with information rich content, so we had a lot to play with, and a lot of room for improvement. We firstly set out a content plan, to enrich all the key landing pages with useful, informative, keyword relevant content, which ended up getting Aegistra ranking for a wider range of relevant search terms which they should really be appearing for. Luckily, they didn't have many technical errors on their site, only a few tweaks here and there were required, and they also didn't have many links pointing to them which was both good and bad, as they didn't have a dominant link profile, but sometimes working on an empty canvas can be more reliable/safer with link building.

Bounce Rate Bounce rate decreased by 27% -
Organic Traffic Organic traffic increased by 92% +
Keyword Rankings Keyword rankings improved by 53% +
Length of Visit Average length of each visit increased by 54 seconds +
Average Page Views Average page views increased by 0.8 +
Conversion Rates Conversion rates went up by 0.5% +



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