Diamond Rocks

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Diamond Rocks, approached us a startup in 2009. We initially worked on creating a website which would represent their branding guidelines and also adhered to white hat SEO guidelines. Our priority as Diamond Rocks’ SEO company is to increase relevant, natural traffic to their website, improve Google Analytics stats, such as time spent on site, pages viewed per visit, etc. as well as improve net rankings for relevant keywords. We need to always be creative in thinking of new ways to evolve and optimise the website, so traffic keeps on increasing to the site. Here is what we achieved in 2014.

Diamond Rocks

What we did

We fully optimised the Diamond Rocks ecommerce website ensuring it would rank for key industry related terms. During the project we always maintained a traffic based approach, targeting a wide range of keywords through thorough technical optimisation, outreach and content creation - for example infographics. We manage Diamond Rock's SEO, PPC, Social Media, Blog writing and also provide website consultancy when required.

Bounce Rate Bounce rate decreased by 8%
Organic Traffic Organic traffic increased by 144.33%
Length of Visit Average length of each visit increased by 10%
Average Page Views Average page views increased by 17%



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