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The Mission

I-Beads thought they were hopeless when they came to us with a nice new site which they invested a good amount into building, but very low traffic, with just as bad conversion rates.


What We Did

First task was to improve the volume of organic traffic coming to the site, as this would not only help us achieve one of the KPI's set out to us when we started work, but it would also allow us to gather a sufficient amount of traffic behaviour data in a smaller space of time for the Conversion Rate Optimisation. We studied the way that all the products were categorised and sectioned, and then sensibly allocated keywords to each category and subcategory, while asking the clients to provide a better, more informative description for each product page. As months went on, we rolled out the landing pages to keyword optimisation work at the rate that I-Beads' budget allowed, and eventually we got through all the key landing pages with allocated keywords after a few months. In the first month, we also made sure to bulldoze our way through all the technical errors that appeared to be on the site, making it as SEO friendly as possible. This, matched with the link building from jewellery, fashion, health and beauty related websites/blogs/editorial sites allowed I-Beads to storm their way to organic positions that they needed, giving us more traffic, and more data to play with for the CRO. To optimise the website's conversions we simply made it easier and clearer for the user to get the information they needed, and to move onto the next stage of the checkout, whilst also shortening that process as much as possible to make the whole process as quick, swift and seamless as possible. With the assistance of some extra tools to help us discover the hot and cold parts of the landing pages, as well as split testing after implementation to see if the changes were positive, we were able to collect enough data to make all the right choices and bring the conversion rate right up to an impressive 4.5% average.

Bounce Rate Bounce rate decreased by 38% -
Organic Traffic Organic traffic increased by 250% +
Keyword Rankings Keyword rankings improved by 145% +
Length of Visit Average length of each visit increased by 1 minute 25 seconds +
Average Page Views Average page views increased by 2.3 +
Conversion Rates Conversion rates went up by 3.1% +



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