Portable Universe

SEO Region: UK Sector: Electronics

The Mission

Portable Universe approached us to help them increase relevant organic traffic to their E-commerce store, selling PC's and other computer technology at reduced costs. We saw that as a result, their conversion rates were very healthy, they just needed more traffic to make the most of the high converting website.

Portable Universe

What We Did

We audited and analysed Portable Universe to look for a possible reason why organic traffic was so low, and found that not only were there some technical road blocks like a poorly created robots.txt, blocking a lot of the important pages from being indexed by Google, but also, the content on the website was extremely minimal. The links were OK, but were quite flat, in terms of there not being a lot of them, and the ones they had were not so special. We corrected the technical issues, and put together a content production plan to populate the relevant landing pages, as well as hunted and acquired links from great places. This helped push the organic visibility quite nicely.

Bounce Rate Bounce rate decreased by 12% -
Organic Traffic Organic traffic increased by 75% +
Keyword Rankings Keyword rankings improved by 55% +



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