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Search Engine Optimisation in Aberdeen

We’re, the UK’s premier Performance SEO Company with over 10 years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients.

Understanding what an SEO specialist does is important, especially if you’re planning to hire one. Our specialists are experts at helping to increase the traffic to your website.





In-depth Site Analysis

The site analysis will cover visibility issues, meta issues, content issues, link issues, image issues, semantic issues on every page of the website.

Keyword Research

The most important part of the SEO project. We would look at things such as Google Trends, to ensure the best combination of keywords.

Internal Page Analysis

These are internal landing pages in addition to the homepage which will be analysed and made relevant to the keywords they are assigned to.

Backlink Audit

The links pointing to your website will be evaluated in terms of their relevance, quality, the anchor text they are carrying to your site.

Digital Consultant

And here’s what you can expect

  • Web page optimisation is one of our prime objectives. By executing mechanical elements like text structure, formatting and h-tags, we’ll help to make your website more SEO friendly.
  • Keyword research and analysis is extremely important in the SEO world and is as much of an art as it is a science, and we do it better than anyone else.
  • Keyword mapping helps assign the keyword to the right pages in order to get a high commercial value on the right pages. It’s also one of our specialties!
  • Higher search engine rankings is the end result and is something that an SEO expert, like those at, can help you with now.

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What our clients say about us.

I had been searching for a decent SEO company for such a long time. Every company I have been to sound like sales people that do not know what they are talking about, until I came across Absolutely brilliant.

They have not only increased my traffic to my website but they have showed me step by step on what they have done and explained in lay mens terms what I needed to do so both of us could work together to achieve a rewarding result.

– Pritesh Vekaria, Director


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