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Wayken RM Case Study –

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Although we are, and most of the attention we get is for our SEO service, I wanted to share something a bit different with you all today. This case study is about the Facebook page growth that one of our clients, Wayken RM (Rapid Manufacturing), saw in a very short space of time.

From my experience, I can see that more and more people are aware of and becoming open to Facebook’s “Boost this post” or “Promote this page” options that are available to business pages, and what with Facebook’s newly launched and long awaited call-to-action button, which you can put on the top of your Facebook page to point visitors to your site, etc. the sponsored promotion offering has become more and more acceptably used as a reliable marketing strategy. In this case study, I’m going to share one of our positive client experiences with Facebook to show you an example of how effective Facebook boosts can be.

A bit of a backstory on Wayken, they are a manufacturing company based in China, specialising in prototyping and producing small quantities of a design for a small/reasonable fee, as opposed to the typical mass production for less cost per unit. As you can probably make out right now, their service is quite niche.

Wayken Services

We built Wayken’s Facebook page from scratch around October 2014. As well as SEO their website and manage their AdWords account, we wanted to give Wayken more brand exposure from their desired regions, i.e. India, US & UK, and we started doing so through targeted promotions on Facebook. By selecting the exact regions, and selected individuals (by targeting people based on their interests which Facebook collects for each individual as you use it more and more), we were able to target people most likely be interested in Wayken’s offering, and focus as much as possible on their actual niche. We did this for 2 weeks straight every month (apart from November & December) until now, and we were able to pick the number of page likes up from just 50-60 to 9,684 today! See the picture below to get an idea of the kind of growth Wayken experienced during these promotional fortnights.

Wayken Likes

Even more importantly, as well as the number of page likes accumulating at such a promising rate, the social engagement (which is what we’re really after here!) seems to sky rocket with every boosted post that we would do for Wayken. See picture below for an example of the sort of figures you can expect from boosting a post to your targeted market for just £30.

Wayken Boosted post example

See those numbers up there? Reaching 59,328 people and getting 93 link clicks directly to your site on top of other passive effects of this exposure as a result of a £30 boosted post is not too shabby at all. Feel free to visit (and even ‘like’) Wayken’s Facebook page by simply typing in their name into the Facebook search bar to see more of what we have accomplished for Wayken, and to be updated with their developments.

The main point here is if you are on the fence, and are not sure whether to use Facebook’s boosting option, I would definitely recommend you give it a go. If you are extra apprehensive about it, feel free to give me a call on 0208 427 0797, and I can talk to you about us managing a promotional fortnight for you for a month to see how it goes for you.



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