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WordPress and SEO – A Powerful Connection You Can’t Ignore

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As you look for the right muscle to put behind your site, you’re going to run into lots of options. From HTML 5 to Joomla, deciding what might be right for you is difficult. Have you taken the time to consider WordPress, though? Thousands of individuals move toward this amazing content management system, and with good reason. Here are just a few of the benefits you’re bound to experience.

  • It’s Easy to Use – Unlike many programming languages behind traditional websites, this is a content management system that is truly easy to use. With an intuitive menu along the left side of every admin panel, you’ll know exactly how to get to all of your site’s pages, how to add new ones, and even how to build in cool features like pictures and video.
  • Customize is an Understatement – There was probably a time when WordPress didn’t have millions of themes floating around and plenty of plug ins to make almost anything possible. That time though, has long since vanished.  You can now customize your site in unimaginable ways, and it’s all as simple as clicking a button. From better menus to image mappers to responsive designs for mobile customers, you can customize this to meet your blogging, business, or even personal needs.
  • Stay Small or Grow – Many businesses shy away from content  management systems simply because they don’t have the ability to change with the business. Every opportunity for growth means real change for the site behind the company. With WordPress, though, that’s just not the case. It’s one of the most scalable content management systems on the planet. As your company increases in size, changes focus, or simply morphs into something different, WordPress can move with it.

SEO, Anyone?

While that’s far from a comprehensive list of benefits, one of the biggest benefits of moving toward WordPress is the one almost everyone cares about – better SEO. Wondering how a simple blogging platform can actually enhance your SEO efforts? It’s simple, really. The code that stands behind any WordPress site is simple and clean. That means Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine you want to impress can crawl through your site quickly, indexing your content as it goes. Every single page, post, and image can have its own meta data, helping to increase the level of precision on your site. There are also a variety of plugins to help really increase your SEO efforts, and most of them are free. What’s more, tracking analytical data is very easy with this platform, and that means you know precisely where to target your time and efforts day after day.

WordPress is the platform of choice for many, and with benefits like these, it could easily rocket your site to the top of the rankings with little or no help from others. Add in the assistance of qualified companies, and you have a formula for success with which any site owner would be pleased.

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