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Google Query Operators: A Great SEO Tool

Google query operators are little tools that allow you to restrict your Google searches so you can find targeted information for your SEO campaigns. This is a great way to get at what you need without taking the long way around, so to speak. How do they work?

They work pretty easily, fortunately! Simply go to a fresh Google page and get to work. Say you want to look at a particular website for a target keyword. This is tremendously useful for SEO purposes. All you’d do is enter: target keyword

So, let’s say we want to look at SEOFuel for the keyword “ecommerce.”  We’d enter: ecommerce

And viola. We have results that show us “ecommerce” restricted to this site. Here are a few more that you’ll find useful (and for more still, check out SearchEngineLand’s list).

Operator: Format: Purpose:
inurl: inurl: ecommerce You can search for a word/phrase within a given URL
intext: intext: ecommerce You can search for a word in the main text
allintext: allintext: ecommerce Search for multiple words in the body of the text.
allinanchor: allinanchor: ecommerce You can search for multiple words within anchor text.
cache: cache: example With this operator, you can display Google’s cached version of a page.

*Note: Google operators are case-sensitive!

You can even combine these operators to really zero in on the information you want. Check out GoogleGuide for some tips as there are some operators that cannot be combined.

A little Google finesse can help you access valuable information for your SEO campaigns; experiment with it and see what you can dig up.



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