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Webgraphics: Let Your Audience Interact

Infographics are (were) great. They allowed websites to present a bunch of information in a format that was fun to read. They were visually pleasing, and you could make connections between pieces of information that you may not have done in a text format. But, alas, even great things give way to better things. Say hello to webgraphics, which are, essentially, infographics taken to the next level.

A webgraphic, like an infographic, presents information in a visually appealing way. But the difference is that users can interact with webgraphics through animations and links. The New York Times has a great example of a webgraphic which looks at Rafael Nadal’s play on three different types of court surfaces. The information presented is very simple, but is tremendously powerful and entertaining (at least for tennis fans) nevertheless.

Webgraphics have a number of benefits:

  • They are just great content. You need great content!
  • Visual content helps direct viewers to your site and increase URL awareness.
  • You can direct visitors to various places on the web, whether to your social media site, blog, or another site. You can link to external sites for credibility or to direct visitors to further information they’ll find useful (which also lends you credibility).
  • These can help you encourage visitors to complete a CTA and boost conversion rates.
  • They are tailor-made for sharing. Be sure to add social media sharing buttons.
  • Webgraphics are great for any type of user, whether on a tablet, smartphone, desktop, or laptop.

We’ll start seeing many more webgraphics pop up all over the web. Make sure yours is among the first! Visitors will love the innovative approach and fun display of useful, relevant information.



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