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Make Youtube Yours: Top Tips For Youtube Success for Your Business

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There’s no doubt that competition in business is fierce, but what can be even more daunting is entering the online arena.  For every minute of your day, there is nearly three days’ worth of new YouTube material uploaded.  That’s more than one hundred thousand hours of video uploaded each day and nearly 750,000 hours per week.  Just imagine how much exists out there!  So, how are you supposed to be found among the masses?

Make it Meaningful If you are going to invest the time into making a marketing a video than be sure it is worth it.  Useful content is what people want.  Entertainment holds value.  What doesn’t work is the over the top sales pitch.  If that’s what you are considering, then safe yourself the hassle.

Use Your Keywords If you’ve already done the homework required to know what keywords are most relevant to your business, then you know what consumers are looking for.  After all, keywords are simply the words and phrases that people enter to find a particular bit of information, a service, or a new product.  Using certain keywords as your video inspiration will give you a head start – plus it will make it easier to write a meaningful headline for the YouTube entry.

Do Double Duty Don’t stop at uploading video content!  That is hardly the only service that YouTube offers for your company.  Use it like the social network that it is.  Comment on other people’s videos with meaningful insight, relevant questions, or to add to the statement made.  These comments will be seen by other viewers and can even lead them back to your channel.

Create a Channel If they are going to be led there, then they better find something worth sticking around for.  Take the time to make an impressive page to display your video efforts and catalogue your material into meaningful groupings.

Project a Professional Image If you are going to be giving advice on how to do something in your video – or even if you are simply selling your business in YouTube format – be sure that you are putting your best face forward.  That means taking to time to choose the best possible cover shot for your videos, rather than relying on YouTube to randomly select a still from the footage.

With these tips, YouTube can be used to pull in an audience.  When people are watching, talking, and sharing, your chances of continued success are much greater.




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