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Why Do You Need Google+ For Your Business?

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There are so many social media channels today that it can feel like a second job just trying to manage them.  However, as time goes by, you will likely learn that some work for your company and others don’t.  As that occurs, you can weed out the ones that you aren’t gaining on and spend more time focusing on the others.  However, if you aren’t on Google+ yet, you should be.

Playing Nice Not only does this social media venue boast 540 million active users, it can also quickly boost your search engine standings.  Why?  Well, Google – the largest search engine – owns the platform.  Does it receive preferential treatment?  Of course it does! Better yet, YouTube is also owned and operated by Google and combining your efforts on the social network and the video hub can mean a big boost for your online presence.

Google+ Business Page Creating a Google+ business page will have immediate search benefits.  Searching a business on Google will often produce a large panel on the right hand side of the page that pulls company information from Google+.  In addition to the provided facts and figures, one will see the ‘follow’ button.

Authorship The “Oh, you wrote that?” syndrome can be highly detrimental to business, especially when content means so much for SEO purposes.  Google+ uses Authorship, which is simply a system of placing you beside the content that you have created, so the relationship is clear in the mind of the viewer.  This can be enjoyed by your business by simply adding tagging your Google+ profile on your blog author bio and including your author page link on your Google+ profile.

Make the Most of Mass Mail As with the aforementioned Google products, Gmail also plays nice with Google+, offering email recipients the option to follow the company as they read the newsletter or marketing material.

Build Your Following, Boost Your Ads Ah!  Yes, Google has its hands in so many pots, that you might have momentarily forgot Adwords.  Your PPC efforts are about to pay off.  With Google+ social annotation, your ads will showcase the impressive following you have achieved.

There is no doubt that a company wants to support its own creations, so when you play with Google’s toys, the company is bound to reward you.  This is definitely true with Google+.  Make the most of it by optimizing your business page and building your following.



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