Crown Pavilions

SEO Region: UK Sector: Construction

The Mission

Crown Pavilions Have a huge reputation in the industry, and have serviced some really big names out there. Surprisingly however this didn't seem to reflect on how successful their SEO was. Their traffic was really lacking due to poor organic visibility.

Crown Pavilions

What We Did

Interestingly enough, the beginning stages of working with Crown Pavilions was consultation while they rebuilt the site. We ensured that everything was put together with best SEO practices as opposed to just making it look pretty, whilst also ensuring that we didn't lose any authority on the site by changing a URL and then not redirecting it to the new URL, etc. After the site was fully revamped and it was time to crack on, we put a content plan together to apply to all the category and subcategory pages, like gazebos, garden rooms, and then the different types of both. We populated all those pages with relevant and useful content which would help increase the relevancy to their allocated keywords. This helped us gain traction with appearing for all the main groups of relevant search terms. The important part now was to get the altitude for these search terms that Crown Pavilions were appearing for, and this was achieved through link building, from the most relevant, authoritative and trustworthy websites we could get in touch with. This helped to greatly increase the organic presence for Crown Pavilions.

Organic Traffic Organic traffic increased by 158% +
Keyword Rankings Keyword rankings improved by 130%



3rd Floor, 86 - 90 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4NE

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