Bodysocks Case Study

SEO Region: UK Sector: Clothing

The Mission

Bodysocks came to us with a very unique product, similar to the whole "morphsuit" trend, and were seeking the same sort of trendy, adventurous, funny market. The problem Bodysocks faced was that they felt their website wasn't getting enough traffic and there wasn't as much awareness of their company as they would like. The primary goal here for us was to increase the organic traffic pointing totheir site.

Bodysocks Case Study

What We Did

After initially auditing and analysing their site from both a technical and keyword related perspective, we re-structured their website resulting in more relevant, useful content and a better performing overall website, cleaner and easier for Google to get around & crawl. We also audited and filtered their link profile to ensure all "spammy" looking links were excluded, and then built better quality, more relevant links. A combination of both these on & off page elements gave us the edge with bringing more desirable organic visibility to Bodysocks' website.

Bounce Rate Bounce rate decreased by 8%
Organic Traffic Organic traffic increased by 80%
Keyword Rankings Keyword rankings improved by 20%
Length of Visit Average length of each visit increased by 28 seconds
Average Page Views Average page views increased by 1.2
Conversion Rates Conversion rates went up by 0.5%



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