Stella McCartney

SEO, Site Migration Consultation Region: Worldwide Sector: Clothing

The Mission

Stella McCartney came to us with their Kids website hoping we would help them with the migration process of their site to avoid any slips in organic progression that they have already gained. In fact, one of our KPI's were to also increase Stella McCartney's traffic by at least 5% after the process is complete.

Stella McCartney

What We Did

while moving the site over, we advised on which things should stay the same, and which things would be worth changing, like for example, having certain URLs change to better reflect specific categories, and having the old URLs 301 redirect to the new ones. After the migration of the site was complete, we helped make up for the possible loss of link juice by outreaching and building great links for Stella McCartney, which was easier than average due to the already popular brand awareness of the company. This helped bring the traffic even higher than what it was before the migration. Mission successful.

Organic Traffic Organic traffic increased by 8% +
Keyword Rankings Keyword rankings improved by 55% +



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