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The Mission

Study Aid Essays came to us to help their website gain more visibility and increase their organic traffic.

Study Aid Essays

What We Did

Up against some pretty stubborn moving competitors, who always seemed to be first, or top three for everything relevant to the different types of essay writing that Study Aid Essays provides. We needed a way to trump the competition through targeting keywords in a very informative way. The client had a means to creating lots of great, articulate content due to the nature of his business. We took advantage of this by advising exactly how and where content should be written, as well as advised on the creation of additional landing pages to hit keywords from different angles around the services he provides. We also improved their website architecture to help navigation a lot easier and more straight forward for the user as well as Google. All of this helped their website gain more visibility and generate more organic traffic.

Bounce Rate Bounce rate decreased by 25% -
Organic Traffic Organic traffic increased by 92% +
Keyword Rankings Keyword rankings improved by 58% +
Length of Visit Average length of each visit increased by 55 seconds +
Average Page Views Average page views increased by 1.1 +



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