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Top 4 Content Curation Tips

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Building up a collection of searchable, enlightening content is one of the most important steps to boosting an online presence.  With these tips, you can make a big splash as you earn a reputation as an expert of your industry.

Write, Research, and Recruit Be sure that you are not limiting yourself when it comes to the content that you catalogue.  Too many people get stuck in a single pattern and forget that content comes in many forms.  If there is an aspect of your industry that you are passionate about, then write up an article or blog post and include it in your library.  However, also collect material from the internet.  When you find an article or post that is related to what you do, share it with your fans either via a short abstract linking to the full article or through RSS feed.  As the third part of any content curation trifecta, there is guest blogging.  Invite others to write for you.  It gives them to opportunity to create back links and it adds more material to your growing collection.

Set a Schedule and Stick to It Faithful followers will begin to walk away when there is nothing new to see for an indefinite amount of time.  In order to keep visitors coming back, you have to have new, fresh material regularly.  Set a schedule – daily, weekly, bi-weekly – and stick to it.  Promising to publishing something new at a set interval gives visitors a clear picture of when they should return.

Make Your Content Visible While filling your website with meaningful, keyword-rich content will do something for you, you will have even greater success if you spread your reach.  Today, full blog posts can become Google+ updates.  You can also take excerpts of your new material and share them on other social media sites with a link back to the full piece.  Additionally, consider adding imagery to your content and posting it on sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube.

Keep it Keyword-Rich Don’t forget – whether shared, swapped, or single-handedly created – all content should include a meaningful headline and the use of your predetermined long-tailed keywords.  SEO is not something achieved overnight.  It is an ongoing process.  The right content with the right keywords is the biggest part of the puzzle.






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