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Pinning for SEO Success: Tips for Optimising for Pinterest

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The ideally addictive social media venue for millions is now gaining a lot of business interest as well.  For a while many companies held out on embracing Pinterest, but today, it simply cannot be ignored.  In 2013, the site topped seventy million users worldwide.  That is a huge, easily reached market.  Now, you just have to make the most of your Pinterest presence.

Interconnect It’s not enough to be on Pinterest.  True lovers of the social media platform are constantly pinning and don’t want to have to take the time to copy your URL when they find something on your site that they love.  Make it easy for those who want to share your goods, by placing Pin-It buttons on all of your images and videos.

Be Social It’s the whole concept behind these networking platforms, so make the most of it!  Visit other company’s boards, repin when you find something interesting and related to your line of business, and follow potential consumers.  That follow will send that user a message, complete with a link back to your Pinterest page.

Build Boards Quickly The most effective boards on Pinterest are those that contain a lot of useful, interesting pins.  The least successful are those that grow slowly, starting with only a handful of images.  Build up several boards and fill them with pins related to your areas of expertise and, of course, to the product or service you are offering.

Give it a Call to Action While an attractive picture is likely to be repined, a truly optimized Pinterest account includes images with a clear call to action.  Image editing software makes it easy to place text over an image, so enticing headlines can be used to give the user a reason to click through to a landing page.

Make the Most of Programs Like ViralTag Like Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn, Pinterest runs on a feed, which means that as images are posted they make the top of the page, but as more content is added they move further down the list.  In order to maximize your exposure, it is best to post throughout the day.  Programs like ViralTag make it easy, spacing your pins out for you in predetermined intervals.

With a few simple rules in place, you can use Pinterest to reach out to your potential consumers and it will cost you little or nothing!



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